3 questions to ask any insurance broker in Melbourne

7567756There are dozens of insurance advisers in Melbourne and each of them have their own ranges of policies, majority of them are accounting firms. So understandably, choosing a policy for your business is no easy decision. The main benefit of consulting with an insurance broker in Melbourne is that they can provide you independent advice about a variety of insurance policies across different suppliers. But narrowing down an insurance broker that will be of most use to you will be worth your while – and your money. So here are 3 things to ask any insurance broker in Melbourne.

  1.     What kind of clients do you deal with?

What you are really trying to find out is whether the insurance broker has experience and expertise that is relevant to your business and industry. If the broker has clients with similar areas of operation and interests to your business, then its likely he or she understands what risks are most susceptible and what elements require the most protection.

  1.     Who will handle my business?

This is how you suss out the personnel who will be looking out for you and your business. From client services, administrators and advisors themselves, knowing who you will have access to can give you some idea of how quickly they can respond to changes and your requests.

  1.     What does my insurance policy cover?

Once again, you are investigating their expertise in the industry and fields relevant to your business. But also, this is a chance to see how open and transparent they are with the advice they provide you. Business insurance involves relatively confidential information, so you need to feel comfortable sharing such information with the person; and of course you need to feel that you can rely on their advice as well.

Insuring your business is a necessary investment to protect your business. But what is the use of having insurance if it does not protect you from the risks that your business is most vulnerable to. In addition to that, you do not want to be paying for additional cover that you do not require. So save time and money and ensure you have the right business insurance broker who will recommend you an insurance policy that fits your requirements. When you do meet a potential insurance broker in Melbourne, make sure you ask those 3 simple questions!