Best Local Seafood In Melbourne


The rich and diverse oceans and waters of our planet means there is so many different varieties of seafood for us to enjoy. As some people would say, “the world is your oyster” – but you don’t really need to travel the globe to find the best of the best seafood around. Right here in Melbourne, we have already mastered the fine dining scene with a plethora of seafood restaurants in and around the CBD – and even in the home backyards of the average Aussie. But the trick to the best seafood in Melbourne is not about the smoke screen and mirrors surrounding the seafood dining experience – it’s in the local produce itself.

Local fish mongers based in Melbourne are lucky to have access to high quality and fresh seafood – some being right off the Port Phillip Bay. And without these local fish and seafood suppliers, where else will those 3-Michelin-star restaurants find fresh and tasty ingredients for their dishes? Some of the seafood and fish varieties that are locally sourced in Melbourne include Australian Salmon, Wild Barramundi, Blue Mussel, Dusky Flathead, Rainbow Trout and Snapper. But in the best fish and seafood suppliers in Melbourne, they will also bring out the good stuff from other Australian waters. You can grab oysters from South Australia’s Coffin Bay, or Queensland’s Moreton Bay Bugs. There is even the bold Red Emperor fish from Western Australia and the Tasmanian Ocean Trout.

As you may notice, you don’t actually have to travel too far from Melbourne the sample the best of seafood in Australia. You can easily find these amazing varieties with reliable suppliers of fresh seafood around Melbourne. If you are planning on visiting your local fishmonger, going early in the morning is when you will find the freshest produce on the market. You can visit the famous Queen Victoria Market and the Footscray Market. But if you’re located southeast of Melbourne, the one place you need to check out is Claringbolds at Prahran Market. In operation since 1909, there is no better and local fish supplier that knows their produce better than these guys.

If you had to ask any fish and seafood provider in Melbourne, they would say that the key to the best local seafood in Melbourne is not how well dressed they are on the restaurant table. It all comes down to the quality and freshness of their ingredients. And what better way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your seafood than to source your seafood from reliable and experienced fish and seafood mongers in Melbourne. So be sure to do your research and make a little visit to the best suppliers of seafood and fish today.