How billboards made me want to go into advertising

3243232Big huge billboard ads along my drive to primary school were what made me want to get into billboard advertising. It didn’t matter what they were for, be it fast food, a new perfume, a new internet or cell phone plan, a dating website, whatever. It didn’t matter at all to me.

I loved their size and how eye catching they were. I didn’t know yet that that was exactly what they were designed to do, catch your eye and never leave your mind. I thought that the huge, bright, popping fonts were amazing, and that the images, whatever they were unbelievable. Maybe it was purely due to their size, obviously a ten metre tall face promoting a new brand of mascara is literally, larger than life.

Every new billboard I saw was as interesting to me as the last when I was young. But when I grew up  little, I started to realise that the majority of advertising, be it on billboards, or tram stops, or television were painfully uninteresting. That’s when the passion I held for advertising, and my desire to make a career out of it changed tack slightly. I no longer wanted to do it because enormous billboards constantly impressed me; instead, I wanted to create amazing and creative ads.

I wanted to catch people’s eyes for different reasons. Not because the billboard I created had the biggest picture, or because the font was specifically designed to grab attention, but because the ad was interesting, or made people think, or was purely a creative and new outlook on the product.

I knew that people thought about ads, and talked about them for one of two reasons: firstly, they loved them. They thought the ad was interesting and it appealed aesthetically to them. Or, secondly, because they hated it. Maybe the background was a particularly garish colour, or the copy was rambling or a bit nonsensical. Or maybe, as sometimes happens, the ad was just plain offensive. No matter what, I wanted to create ads that fit into the first option.

From the first moment I started working at an advertising firm, I was desperate to be creative. I wanted to create adverts that stepped outside of the box, or the borders of a billboard. Like everyone in my field, I have my favourite ads, or the ones that have been most successful, but, I know that the best ads are always yet to come.