Rock Music Meets the Dental Supplies of Australia

Mr Fret had spent nearly four hours in the dentist chair, and after today’s visit, he would still have at least three more sessions to correct all the problems with his teeth and gums. His dentist had never seen such bizarre mouth problems before. He was quite sure that before the next appointment he would need to contact  some big dental supplies provider in Australia and order a whole bunch of new equipment to try and correct everything.

As Mr Fret did his final spit into the cup and wipe down, he sat back in the chair, looking utterly exhausted and in incredible amounts of pain.

“I think that’s all you, your mouth, or I can handle for one day, Mr Fret,” the dentist instructed. “You have been through a hell of a pain and discomfort, and I am afraid to say there will be more in store for you next time.”

“That’s okay, Doc,” Mr Fret replied. “I understand. But that was unreal. That was more intense than anything I have ever been through. Even more than any gig I have played.”

“Oh, you’re a musician?” the dentist asked, trying to learn anything he could about his patient so he could try and piece together exactly why his mouth was in such a state.

“I sure am,” Mr Fret replied. “I play guitar in a band called ‘The Shredders.’

“Sounds interesting,” replied the dentist, basically completely uninterested. “What sort of music do you play?”

“We play exclusively solos.”

“Just solos? Surely that must get a little … repetitive.”

“Oh, it does. We have to come up with different tricks and gimmicks to keep it interesting for the crowd.” Suddenly, the dentist’s interest was piqued.

“What sort of tricks?” he asked.

“Well, the main one I use is playing the guitar with my teeth.”

And then it dawned on both of them. Mr Fret knew why he was in such pain, and the dentist knew why he would be contacting Dental Supplies Australia for the weirdest assortment of corrective tools he had ever ordered.

“My first bit of advice to you, Mr Fret, before our next session is to maybe start learning a few chords.”  


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