Green Funerals

dfsdafdsfWith a general trend in the modern world of finding options that are more environmentally friendly in the face of global warming, there have also been developments with green options for funeral services in Melbourne. For wanting to be protective of the environment, it may be worth noting the following options that are available when planning a funeral service.


Typically, the process involves replacing bodily fluids with chemical fluids to preserve the body, control infection, and enhance the presentation of the deceased. The chemical fluids used are not eco-friendly, both through cremation and burial; and although it does not present a serious risk to those attending the funeral, it is poses health risks to those who work with the substances day-to-day. It can be minimal or unnecessary in some instances depending on whether viewings are requested or repatriations interstate or overseas are required. Thus, the sooner the cremation or burial is completed after death, the more environmentally friendly the process would become. Alternatively, there are embalming fluids that are free of the main harmful chemical, and are instead made of biodegradable essential oils. These will adequately preserve the body for up to several weeks.

Coffin or Casket Selections

More commonly, there are a wide range of coffins and caskets that are manufactured out of biodegradable materials. It includes the Artisan, which has a unique look, made of biodegradable timber and trimmed with a wool fleece mattress and pillow.

Additionally, we also have The Enviro coffin or casket which is completely free of lacquer, paint and stain. Glued using a water based adhesive and lined with unbleached calico, it is also features a plastic-like material lining that is actually a natural and compostable product made from a non-food vegetable extract. Moreover, it replaces traditional plastic or metal handles with sisal rope handles made of natural fibres.

Another option is the use of coffins made from recycled cardboard and paper. 

Natural Burials

Along with selecting an environmentally friendly casket or coffin, remains are buried without additional water or chemicals to maintain the site. Headstones are replaced by native trees and plants and in some instances; a site can be micro-chipped to register its location.
In our current era where there is a large tendency for manufacturing, there are still options that are purposed to minimise one’s ecological footprint. For more information about Victoria Funeral’s eco-friendly funeral options for Melbourne cremations or burials, you are welcome to contact our staff or see

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