Keeping Your Tap Sparkling

1There is nothing more impressive than a sparkling new finish on your tap to highlight the look of your kitchen, bathroom or laundry. With high quality taps, keeping your tap looking squeaky-clean does not require extreme measures of cleaning. In fact, for all tapware, the ideal care is as simple as wiping them dry with a soft cloth after each use. But if your tapware is looking a little extra weathered, then read on:

You can regularly clean your tap fittings with warm water or with an added mild soap of neutral acidity. A soft cloth such as a microfiber cloth can be utilised for this practice and it won’t scratch the surface but provide a gentle and effective clean. Do not use abrasive cloths, scouring pads, scrub sponges and steel wool or you will scratch and damage the finish on the fitting. Once the under layer of the finishing is exposed, the fitting will become more prone to chemical build up and damage.

Another tip on maintaining the tap’s chic appearance would be to understand the effects of the different substances and chemicals on the fittings and how to prevent them. For instance, even leaving on liquid soap, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel and residue of other personal hygiene products can damage the surface of your tapware. Thus, you can imagine that harsher substances such as cleaning agents that contain acidic, caustic or abrasive components, or with bases of citrus, bleach or alcohol would incur more damage if left on the fittings. When cleaning around the fittings, cover the fixtures with a cloth of towel to prevent exposing the tapware to these chemicals. Any metal finishes that make contact with these damaging substances need to be rinsed and with clean water immediately and dried.

To combat lime or mineral deposits built on the finishing, soak a cloth in white vinegar and place the cloth over the deposits for several hours. After that, try and clean it as usual with a damp soft cloth and liquid soap. A regular practice of drying the tapware with a soft cloth after each use will prevent any more mineral deposits.

For our Antique Gold finishes, treat them gently as gold plating can be scratched and discoloured perfumes, such as those in some soaps and lotions. Be sure to clean them with warm water and a mild soap then dry. For extra care, you can dry them with a chamois leather cloth, as it is a softer finish than others for tapware.

The Chrome finishing is the most durable type and standard care as outlined earlier will maintain its quite well. Our Onix Matte Black finishes are also relatively easy to maintain, as it does not require glossy polishers and fillers. Avoid wax-based cleansers and soapy water or a mild soap based cleanser will gets dirt and oils off and maintain its finish.

Like any surface that encounters regular use and is frequently touched, there will be some wear, particularly the on the handles and knobs. However, regular care after each use will allow you to get the most out of your tapware while maintain its attractive finish. For more ideas on tapware and finishes, check out our range here at Phoenix Tapware Australia or contact one of our friendly staff for more advice.