Melbourne tax accountant

It’s so strange how little school seems to teach you about the real world. They don’t teach you how to vote, how to do any kind of banking, how to get and keep a job, or anything about the government really. And they sure don’t teach you anything about taxes.

As someone who is absolutely shocking at mathematics, I have been afraid of taxes for a while now. The voting, government and even the banking thing has been fine, I’ve been able to pick it up along the way, but no such luck with the taxation issue.

It all came to a head the other day when I started at my new job, and having only done some very brief casual work in the past, I knew I had a tax file number, I just had no idea what or where it was. When I eventually decided to call the Tax Office to try and sort it out, I realised just how clueless I had been about the issue. I barely even knew what a tax return was! And I sure didn’t know how to lodge one.

You see, as an anxious person, this is very bad. It may come as a surprise but I rally do not want to go to jail, and would really prefer to be able to just get my money and pay what I need easily. So, being a young adult I went to the first appropriate person I believed could help me, my dad.

With a background in accounting, and as a lover of math, my dad had a lot of wisdom and advice to offer me. And as lovely as it was, I do not remember a single thing that he said. Not because I wasn’t listening, but because I could not understand it. No matter how many times he explained it, I was just confused, and the one thing I knew was that there was almost no way, at least for a while, that I could handle this on my own.

So instead, I went to my mum. She hates math almost as much as me, and she understands it even less. Her advice was simple – hire a local Melbourne tax accountant. They’ll speak your language, you’ll be supporting local business, and you’ll get your tax sorted in no time.

I love my parents equally, but sometimes, even when it’s the more expensive option, you just have to go with what is easiest, and for me, that means calling tax agents.

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