I took my family to lunch at a winery

I took my family to lunch at a winery on the Mornington Peninsula for my mother’s 80th birthday. It was an amazing day! But it took a lot of hard work in order to decide where to have this important event. You see, my lovely mother is an extremely picky woman who likes everything to be a certain way. And if that way is not to her liking, there will be trouble. So of course when my siblings told me it was my turn to organise my mother’s birthday, I was completely terrified.

I had no idea where to celebrate her 80th birthday. I was completely lost. There were just so many options in Melbourne. At first, I thought I would throw her a surprise party in a popular new restaurant on St Kilda beach. But then I remembered my mother is despises the beach because it is full of seagulls. So that idea quickly went away. Another option was to have a quiet small gathering at my house with only close family and friends. However, I decided that my mother would probably hate that, as it would force her to talk with a lot of people she does not like.

So I was in a bit of trouble. But then I remembered that my mother is extremely sentimental. You see, my mother was born and raised in the Mornington Peninsula. My mother always goes on and on about how incredibly great it was to live in Mornington Peninsula, as it is so quiet and isolated there. She grew up in a rather special way. Her family owned a winery where they made very popular wine that was exported all over Australia. My mother was home schooled there and spent basically her entire young life in that winery. Furthermore, this winery is where she met my father, who passed away two years ago. They got married on the Mornington Peninsula in that very same winery. She has extremely memories in that place.

So my decision was made. I informed my family that we would all have lunch together in that winery that my mother had to leave behind when she and my father moved to the city. They thought it was a fantastic idea!

Sure enough, my mother adored her 80th birthday lunch on the Mornington Peninsula. She smiled throughout the day, showing us around her beloved winery after we finished lunch. Needless to say, it was a massive success!