Why choose a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

Funeral Pre-paid Plans

By opting for pre-paid funeral services not only are you investing in peace of mind, but also relieving loved ones from financial burden, and the difficulty of making decisions during such a distressing time.

The cost of a pre-paid funeral is fixed, ensuring you are protected from any future increases in funeral costs. The funeral details are agreed upon and set out in a written contract. This ensures that your final wishes are carried out, precisely as you have requested. You then choose whether to pay in a single lump sum, or in installments. When you make these payments, they are placed into an independent Government-guaranteed investment fund. This is sum is only released to the funeral service provider once the contracted services have been fulfilled.

Within a pre-paid funeral plan, you also have the option of pre-arranging a great many number of aspects regarding the service itself. If you have distinct preferences regarding your burial, or the way in which your loved ones say their final goodbye, a pre-paid arrangement will ensure your wishes are met. It can even be used as a way of determining even the finer details, such as flower type and music. It is the best way to ensure that what is important to you is reflected in your final goodbye.

During their time of grief, your loved ones may not be willing or able to go through the extensive organizational process that a funeral can involve. Many relatives will dread this process, and be endlessly grateful that such processes have already been put in place. However, do not be deterred if you are not yet sure of all the details– the level of specificity with which you set out your plan varies from person to person. It might also help you to meet with one of our specialists in funeral planning, and to speak through your wishes with them. Their experience and expertise can assist you where you might have uncertainty.

It might also help to discuss with your family and loved ones what you are planning to do. Discussions about passing are often considered out of place, or even inappropriate in many social settings. However, as the onus will be upon those nearest to you when you do eventually pass, so it is important to establish a relationship with them whereby such matters can be openly discussed. When you do settle the details of you funeral plan, it will become your personal responsibility to inform your next of kin that such arrangements have been put in place.


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